We have came a long way

History of the Empire:

  • 1430

    The Mutapa Empire is Established

    Established by Nyatsimba Mutota, Mutapa Empire rose to be one of the wealthiest and largest empires in Southern Africa's History.

  • 2019

    The Empire Rises Again

    Motapa Wear is launched, a fashion brand from a powerful empire celebrating all that is Africa.

  • 2020

    Motapa Market Place is Launched

    An African Market Place, made to make e commerce easy to onboard and manage for millions of African entrepreneurs and customers.

We are constantly focusing on innovation

We believe that creativity, imagination and innovation are the biggest agents of positive change. With those three, we can design the future to be however we want it to be, no matter how dark and unpromising the past and present are.

Nothing But Excellence

We believe we’re on the face of the planet to make great products. We believe simple is not complex, and less is more. And regardless of who is in what job, those values of Excellence are so embedded in this company that Motapa will do extremely well

Celebrate Africa

We are the cupped hands shielding the light of the flame of the African heritage from the winds of change. A trailblazer, a force, a movement!

The Superb Team Behind Motapa

Meet the team:


Kudzaishe G Zharare

Head of Research and Development


Victor Mapunga

Head of Business Development


Mufaro Makiwa

DevOps Engineer Intern